Open Casting Calls – A Doorway To Opportunity

An open casting call can be a huge chance for you to get that acting job you’ve always wanted. But, as you well know, the audition is also a chance for everyone else who has a desire to be an actor or an actress as well. Sometimes the odds can seem against your favor at an open casting call. What do you do with these odds? And how can you improve your chances at an open casting call? How do you make this time and energy all worth your while? And what other benefits are there for you?

First thing to keep in mind is that the agents or production team that is holding the open casting call are usually very busy. They may be auditioning hundreds of people several days in a row, so we don’t want to make their job harder.

During your open audition, pay attention and listen at all times. Take the time to read any notices about the casting call that the producers have posted and follow directions exactly. This is the first way at an audition to get noticed for being worthwhile to be on a set. Director’s don’t want anyone on the set that doesn’t follow directions. This can end up costing productions huge amounts of money in time delays.

Be polite at your open casting call because you never know who else is there and what they are there for. You may think it is just another actor there for an audition. Often a production house will have multiple projects on the table at once and even though you may not be right for one you may be perfect for another one that is coming up. A friend of mine went to an open casting call, and while waiting for his time to perform was seen by a man walking by in the corridor. It turned out this man was there to do the final agreements of the ad campaign he was organizing for his own company. He saw my friend at the open audition and said to the production team “that’s the type of look I was thinking of for the Adam role in the commercial”. Only a couple of hours later my friend, who was there for one open audition, got the lead role in another project that hadn’t even been cast yet! So, always be polite, and pay attention. And always be ready to say yes to an opportunity.

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